Root Canals

Have you ever considered leaving that cavity alone for a while? If you wait too long, the decay worsens, causing damage to the dental pulp inside the tooth. However, our dental team can still save the tooth through a relatively simple root canal procedure.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is needed when the tooth’s root becomes infected or inflamed through injury or advanced decay. Many people tend to shiver in fear at the thought of a root canal, but the entire procedure is painless and not much different than a normal filling.

What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure

First, we anesthetize the tooth and the surrounding area before creating an opening through the crown of the tooth to the pulp chamber. Special files are used to clean the infection and unhealthy pulp out of the canals.

Irrigation is used to help clean the main canal (called lateral canals). The canals are filled with a permanent material, often gutta-percha. This helps to keep the canals free of infection or contamination.

A temporary filling material is placed on top of the gutta-percha to seal the opening until the tooth is ready to be prepared for a crown. A crown, sometimes called a cap, is made to look like a natural tooth, and is placed on top. In some cases, a post is placed to give the crown extra support. Then the crown is cemented into place.

What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal?

  • Solution to pain and discomfort from tooth decay.
  • Crown restoration looks and feels natural.
  • The procedure is completed in just one visit.

Do You Think You Need a Root Canal in Pembroke Pines?

Whenever you notice mouth pain or discomfort, it’s important to see a dentist. We can determine the cause and create a treatment plan to reduce pain and save your smile. Contact us today.


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